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Locklear, Jared [1], Mickle, James E [1].

Pleistocene-age fossil wood from the Atlantic Coastal Plain of southeastern North Carolina, USA.

A recently discovered locality in an open aggregate mine pit near Wilmington, North Carolina, has produced abundant macrofossil remains that show a wide range of diversity. The material is preserved in loose, sandy clay and was recovered from the spoil heap. The exact environmental setting is uncertain, but appears to be channel fill, lacustrine or overbank deposits. Palynological analysis indicates a Pleistocene age, and suggests a Sangamon age for the sediments. Macrofossil specimens were recovered by maceration and include abundant well preserved seeds, fruit, flowers, cones, insects and conifer wood. Conifer wood specimens range from twigs to small logs. Specimens identified compare to taxodioid and cupressoid species of Cupressaceae (including the Taxodiaceae), based on bordered pitting patterns. Cross-field pits are mostly taxodioid, sometimes cupressoid, or taxodioid and cupressoid. Margins of the tori are not crenate, more so rounded. Wood in the specimens shows distinct growth rings and an absence of resin ducts. Rays are mostly uniseriate; ray tracheids are present. The wood is classified as Cupressaceae, and Taxodium is the only genus that fully characterizes the taxodioid type. This is corroborated by the abundance of Taxodium seeds identified from the locality. This represents one of the few records of wood identifications in the Pleistocene of the Atlantic Coastal Plain

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1 - North Carolina State University, Department of Plant and Microbial Biology, Campus Box 7612, 2115 Gardner Hall, Raleigh, NC, 27695-7612, USA

Atlantic Coastal Plain

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