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Bush, Caroline [1], Jones, Ethan [2], Bodine, Erin [3], Jabaily, Rachel Schmidt [4].

Investigating life history in Bromeliaceae using mathematical modeling.

Semelparity is the life history strategy in which an organism reproduces sexually in one large event and subsequently dies, in comparison to iteroparity, in which an individual reproduces multiple times over the course of their lifetime. Though iteroparity is the most common form of reproduction in Bromeliaceae, semelparity has evolved independently several times, and is associate with a reduced or inability to produce axillary clonal or pup rosettes (e.g. species of Puya, Encholirium, Alcantarea, Tillandsia, Brocchinia). Ultimately, we would like to increase understanding of the evolution of life history in bromeliads, which may be particularly relevant to conservation. We are employing a mathematical modeling approach to approximate reproductive allocation and clonal growth pattern in an individual bromeliad, and will later apply modeling to understand the evolution of life history across the family in an ecological specific context. We are developing a simple, generalizable model of bromeliad growth and reproduction (both clonal and sexual via flowers) that we intend to adapt to various species of bromeliads with different life histories. Optimal data to understand investment in reproductive tissue would be dry weight portions of the plant body, but we are testing other types of data that can inform the model without harming the plants during data collection. Using a preliminary form of this model, we will evaluate different experimental designs, primarily pertaining to the frequency of data collection, in order to guarantee a measure of confidence in the final model. The optimal experimental design identified from this procedure will determine elements of our data collection process as we refine and tailor the model to particular species in cultivation and in the field. 

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1 - Rhodes College, Biology, 2000 N. Parkway, Memphis, TN, 38112, United States
2 - Rhodes College, Biology, 2000 N. Parkway, Memphis, TN, 38112, USA
3 - Rhodes College, Mathematics, 2000 N. Parkway, Memphis, TN, 38112, USA
4 - Rhodes College, Botany, 2000 N. Parkway, Memphis, TN, 38112, USA

life history
mathematical modeling

Presentation Type: Recent Topics Poster
Session: P, Recent Topics Posters
Location: Exhibit Hall/Savannah International Trade and Convention Center
Date: Monday, August 1st, 2016
Time: 5:30 PM
Number: PRT027
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