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Shaafin , Orolade Shola [1].

Prevailence of malaria in nigeria and the role of astonia boonei(onyame dua), khayagrandifoliola (afican mahogany) vernonia amygdalina (bitter leaf) and powdered rootsof andasonia digitata (afican bahobab) in tackling the deadly disease.

Several diseases have been recorded right from the existence of human beings andhumans are so blessed with nature by providing them with lots of suitable remedies and cures tomost of the diseases that affects them. Every nation of the world is endowed with plant speciesthat has certain compounds which are used to cure the ailments of the occupiers of that regionand sometimes those may be compatible for people abroad as well. One of the most prevalentdisease is malaria that has been highly recorded in most parts of developing and under developedcountries in the world. In Nigeria, this disease happens to be one of them and in this country itaccounts for an estimated 23% case worldwide and third of all deaths. It is also leading casue ofchild deaths in the country. In Nigeria, lots of traditional remedies have been found withdifferent plants in such regions which are then used in curing malaria and also to avoid thisdangerous disease. Among many herbal medicines, Astonia boonei, Khaya grandifoloila,Vernonia amygdalina and Andasonia digitata are popular.  Astonia boonei (onyame dua)meaning "God's tree", within west Africa and regarded as sacred by some communities, andconsequently its parts are not eaten. It contains special medicinal compounds mainly boonin,loganin, ursolic acids etc, which are mostly used as antimalarials medicines. Khaya grandifoloilais also one of the major plant which contains antimalarial compounds in its barks and roots, so asthe juice made from the leaves of Vernonia amygdalina (bitter leaf) locally called ewuro,and powdered roots of Andasonia digitata (African bahobab). The present paper aims atinvestigating the main research undertaken on these plant in order to provide sufficient baselineinformation for future work and for commercial exploitation.

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1 - University College of Science,Saifabad (UCSS) O.U, Hyd., Botany Department, behind Golconda hotels,masab tank,saifabad., hyderabad, Telangana state, 500004, India


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Date: Monday, August 1st, 2016
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