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Jordan, Kristina [1], Garwood, Nancy [2], Neubig, Kurt Maximillian [1].

A morphological and molecular case for hybridization of the species Trema cubensis & T. micrantha (Cannabaceae) on Hispaniola.

The pioneer tree Trema can be found growing in many areas throughout the Neotropics, including Hispaniola. Unfortunately, the taxonomy of species in Trema is highly unresolved; the species Trema micrantha (L.) Blume has highly variable leaf morphology and it encompasses multiple lineages that are distinct from the original description of Trema micrantha. Hybridization is one of the major contributing factors to this taxonomic confusion. A number of distinct molecular clades of Trema on Hispaniola grow in close proximity to one another, providing ideal conditions for interspecific hybridization. The purpose of this project is to determine, using a combination of molecular phylogenetic data and leaf morphological characteristics, whether or not Trema is hybridizing on Hispaniola. DNA sequence data analysis was used to evaluate the evolutionary relationships between species, and the measurements of morphological characteristics of leaves were utilized. We determined that T. micrantha and T. cubensis are naturally hybridizing on Hispaniola and that there are morphological characters that distinguish those species. Those traits are intermediate in the hybrid offspring. This is significant, as hybridization is a major force in evolution and, more specifically, speciation; this is a phenomenon that often gives rise to new species.

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1 - Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Plant Biology, Carbondale, IL, 62901, USA
2 - Southern Illinois University, Life Science II, Mailcode 6509, Life Science II, Mailcode 6509, 1125 Lincoln Ave., Carbondale, IL, 62901, USA


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Location: Exhibit Hall/Savannah International Trade and Convention Center
Date: Monday, August 1st, 2016
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