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Loke, Elena [1], Douglas, Norman [2], Flores Olvera, Hilda [3], Ochoterena, Helga [3], Moore, Michael [1].

Exploration of gypsum in the heart of the Chihuahuan Desert reveals three new endemic species.

Gypsum exposures are distributed in an island-like fashion throughout the Chihuahuan Desert region of the southwestern US and north central Mexico. Many gypsum exposures remain difficult to access and consequently many exposures remain unknown or poorly known botanically. Ongoing exploration of gypsum exposures in the Chihuahuan Desert over the past five years has revealed three undescribed gypsum endemic species, one each in the genera Acleisanthes (Nyctaginaceae) Gaillardia (Asteraceae), and Tiquilia (Boraginaceae). The new Acleisanthes and Tiquilia are apparently endemic to the extensive Acatita Formation gypsum of southwestern Coahuila and immediately adjacent Durango, whereas the new Gaillardia is only known from a small gypsum exposure in the Valle Padilla, approximately 50 km north of Cuatro Cienegas, Coahuila. Phylogenetic analyses show that all three of these taxa belong to clades of gypsum endemic taxa within their respective genera. Specifically, the new Acleisanthes is most closely related to A. purpusiana; the new Tiquilia to T. hispidissima; and the new Gaillardia is strongly supported as being sister to the Coahuila gypsum endemic clade of G. candelaria, G. henricksonii, and G. powellii. Illustrations and descriptions will be provided. Collectively, these three new species demonstrate the continued need for exploration of gypsum exposures throughout the Chihuahuan Desert, but particularly in Mexico.

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1 - Oberlin College, Department of Biology, 119 Woodland St., Oberlin, OH, 44074, USA
2 - University of Florida, Department of Biology, 618A Carr Hall, Gainesville, FL, 32611, USA
3 - Instituto De Biologia, UNAM, Depto Botánica, Apdo.Postal 70-367, Mexico, DF, 04510, Mexico

Chihuahuan Desert
new species.

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