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Goeckeritz, Charity [1], Bohs, Lynn [1], Kilbane, Christina [1], Leo, Karena [1].

Phylogeny of the Cyphomandra clade of the genus Solanum (Solanaceae) based on ITS and waxy sequence data.

Solanum is the largest genus of the Solanaceae family with nearly 1,500 species distributed worldwide. Previous molecular studies using DNA sequences have recognized about 13 major clades within Solanum. One of these is the Cyphomandra clade, an important economic group of about 50 neotropical species. It includes the tree tomato, Solanum betaceum Cav., a widely cultivated species in tropical and subtropical regions. The Cyphomandra clade is characterized by abnormally large amounts of nuclear DNA compared to other species of Solanum. Traditionally, the species of the clade have been placed into two sections, Solanum section Pachyphylla (Dunal) Dunal and Solanum section Cyphomandropsis Bitter. Solanum sect. Pachyphylla is characterized by enlarged anther connectives that function as osmophores in some species, whereas S. sect. Cyphomandropsis lacks this feature. A previous study using nuclear ITS sequences found the Cyphomandra clade to form a monophyletic group. Solanum sections Pachyphylla and Cyphomandropsis were not monophyletic in the most parsimonious trees. However, constraining them each to monophyly showed no significant difference between the likelihood of the constrained versus unconstrained topologies, indicating that these data did not rule out the monophyly of the two sections. The purpose of the current study was to increase resolution and support for the relationships in the Cyphomandra clade by adding sequence data from the nuclear waxy gene to the ITS data set. In addition, new species were added that were not included in the initial ITS trees. Phylogenies were produced by parsimony and Bayesian inference using PAUP. These trees clarify the relationships among species of the Cyphomandra clade and between the sections Pachyphylla and Cyphomandropsis.

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1 - University of Utah, Biology, 257 South 1400 East, 201 South Biology, Salt Lake City, UT, 84112, USA

tree tomato.

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