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The Importance of Communicating Science

Wolfe, Andrea D. [1].

The Importance of Visual Storytelling in Communicating Science.

The communication of important information using pictures predates the written language by tens of thousands of years. Humans are “hardwired” for visual communication, and our ability to retain information improves dramatically with the combination of pictures and words. “A picture is worth a thousand words” is a familiar phrase to us all, but most people would not know that this phrase originated in the early 1900s with the publication of a newspaper article about the use of graphics in advertising. The use of visual images for advertising is still a model for successful communication in the corporate world, and modern society is inundated every day with unforgettable memes from “grumpy cat” to whatever satire is manifesting itself in the latest political campaign. Scientists have important information to share, and a very effective way of communicating our work is to use photography for visual storytelling. Making a good photo that tells a story requires some effort and skill, but if we can grab the attention of people who would not otherwise be attracted to reading an article about science, we succeed in scientific outreach at the K-Gray level. Combining visual storytelling with social media is a way to make science real to an audience who would not otherwise be engaged with scientific research.

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1 - Ohio State University, Department Of Ecology, Evolution, And Organismal Biology, 318 W. 12th Avenue, COLUMBUS, OH, 43210-1293, USA

broader impacts
visual communication
scientific outreach.

Presentation Type: Symposium Presentation
Session: SY01, The importance of communicating science
Location: Chatham Ballroom - B/Savannah International Trade and Convention Center
Date: Monday, August 1st, 2016
Time: 9:45 AM
Number: SY01005
Abstract ID:276
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