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Peterson, Paul M. [1], Romaschenko, Konstantin [2], Herrera Arrieta, Yolanda [3].

A molecular phylogeny of the Cynodonteae (Poaceae: Chloridoideae).

Morphologically, the tribe Cynodonteae is a diverse group containing about 839 species in 93 genera and 18 subtribes, found primarily in Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Americas. A modern classification of the Cynodonteae based on the study of molecular characters has resulted in major changes in the circumscription and alignment of genera. Therefore, we conducted a phylogenetic analysis on 389 species (736 samples) in the Cynodonteae using sequence data from seven plastid regions (rps16-trnK spacer, rps16 intron, rpoC2, rpl32-trnL spacer, ndhF, ndhA intron, ccsA) and the nuclear ribosomal internal transcribed spacer regions (ITS 1 & 2) to infer evolutionary relationships and refine the current classification. The plastid signal places Odyssea paucinervis as sister to Neobouteloua while the nuclear ITS signal places it as sister to Aeluropis in the Aeluropodinae. The other species of Odyssea, O. mucronata is sister to a derived clade containing six other subtribes. In our new classification we recognize three new subtribes (bringing the total to 21 subtribes): Dactylocteninae that includes Acrachne, Brachychloa, Dactyloctenium, and Neobouteloua; Orininae with Cleistogenes and Orinus; and Zaqiqinae with a single genus, Zaqiqa; resurrecting Hubbardochloinae with seven genera; and six new genera: Eleusinella (Eleusininae) with two species, Hyalopterus (Eleusininae) with a single genus, Orthacanthus (Traginae) with a single species, Triplasiella (Gouiniinae) with a single species, Tripogonella (Tripogoninae) with three species, and Zaqiqa. In addition, we provide a subgeneric classification of Distichlis recognizing three sections, of which, two are new.

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1 - Smithsonian Institution, Botany, MRC-166 National Museum of Natural History, PO Box 37012, Washington, DC, 20013-7012
2 - Smithsonian Institution, Botany, MRC-166 National Museum of Natural History, PO Box 32012, Washington, DC, 20013-7012, USA
3 - Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Herbario, CIIDIR Unidad Durango-COFAA, Durango, Dgo, 34220, Mexico

Plastid DNA sequences

Presentation Type: Oral Paper
Session: 45, Monocots part B/Basal Eudicots
Location: 200/Savannah International Trade and Convention Center
Date: Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016
Time: 2:30 PM
Number: 45005
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