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Reproductive biology

Best, Hannah [1], Kyra, Krakos [2].

The Breeding System and Assessment of Pollen Limitation for Nine Native Missouri Species.

In this study, we determined the breeding system and current pollen limitation status of nine native Missouri plant species collected from Shaw Nature Reserve. Self-compatibility may confer reproductive assurance for a plant species; however, it can also result in negative impacts such as inbreeding depression. Therefore, many self-compatible species may still require pollinator services to achieve reproductive success. Pollen limitation can be the result of reduced pollinator visits or visitors carrying the incorrect species pollen, which then results in stigma clogging. The purpose of this project is to determine if these native species are self-compatible and experiencing pollen limitation, specifically by addressing the following questions: 1) Which of the nine species are self-compatible? 2) Are self-compatible species experiencing pollen limitation? 3) Are any of the species experiencing stigma clogging? We used hand pollination treatments and a fluorescent microscope to determine pollen deposition and pollen tube growth. Our results indicate that seven species are self- compatible, Aquilegia canadensis (p= 0.69), Ruellia humilis (p= 0.57), Camassia scilloides (p= 0.70), Dodecatheon media (p= 0.12), Mertensia virginica (p= 0.63), Monarda bradburiana (p= 0.46), and Tradescantia virginica (p= 0.14), while Tradescantia ohiensis, and Tradescantia subaspera are self- incompatible. Only Aquilegia canadensis is experiencing pollen limitation (p= 4.42E-09). None of the species are experiencing stigma clogging from foreign pollen. Compatibility systems and pollination needs are important data to consider for any management plan to restore native prairie and forest locations.

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1 - Maryville University, Biology, 403 Enchanted Parkway, APT 201, Manchester, MO, 63021, USA
2 - Maryville University, Biology, 650 Maryville University Dr., St. Louis, MO, 63141, USA

Reproductive Biology
breeding system
Aquilegia canadensis.

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