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Development and Structure

Giffei, Bridget L. [1], Dang, Christie L. [1], Altrichter, Kristine M. [2], Wilden, Ana E. [1], Taylor, Mackenzie L. [1].

Post-pollination development in Ruppia maritima (Ruppiaceae, Alismatales).

Ruppia is a cosmopolitan, aquatic, monocot genus found in saline, brackish or alkaline waters. The most widespread species, R. maritima, exhibits water pollination (hydrophily) in which pollen grains are transported across the water surface in pollen rafts. The transition to water pollination is known to be accompanied by modifications in pollen morphology and ultrastructure, but the consequences of the shift to hydrophily for reproductive development are not well-understood. In this study, we characterized reproductive development in R. maritima, focusing on the progamic phase, the life history phase that occurs between pollen germination to fertilization. Naturally-pollinated flowers were collected and the timing of stigma receptivity, anther dehiscence, and pollen reception, as well as pollen to ovule ratio and natural pollen load size were determined. Hand-pollinations and timed collections were conducted in order to determine rates of pollen germination and pollen tube growth. Stigma receptivity and pollen reception preceded and overlapped anther dehiscence. Pollen grains germinated within five minutes after hand-pollination and reached the ovule within an hour after pollination. Self-pollen germinated on R. maritima stigmas and pollen tubes grew through the style, indicating that plants can self. Rapid pollen germination and a short time to ovule entry in R. maritima are likely adaptive in an aquatic environment in which pollen can wash off the stigma. This study yields data that inform our understanding of the reproductive traits associated with water-pollination and the evolutionary consequences of the transition to hydrophily.

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1 - Creighton University, Department Of Biology, 2500 California Plaza, Omaha, NE, 68178, USA
2 - North Dakota State University, School of Natural Resource Sciences, PO Box 6050, Fargo, ND, 58108, USA

pollen tube development
pollen germination
progamic phase
reproductive timing

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