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Population Genetics

Aguilar-Gutierrez, Estefania [1], Waselkov, Katherine [1].

Does subspecific variation correspond to cytotypic variation in the widespread taxon Phlox speciosa (Polemoniaceae)?

Phlox speciosa, or showy phlox, ranges from the Sierra Nevada of California into the Coast and Cascade Ranges of the Pacific Northwest (to British Columbia), and into the Rocky Mountains in Idaho and western Montana. It grows at low to middle elevations (100-2400 m), in rocky, wooded slopes and sagebrush habitat, and is easily distinguishable from congeneric taxa that grow in the same habitats by its upright habit, showy flowers, and short length of the style relative to the stigmas. Several subspecies and varieties were identified by previous taxonomists (originally Edgar Wherry in 1955), based on the obvious morphological variation in the group, but this variation does not correspond well to geography, and the current Flora of North America taxonomic treatment has suspended the recognition of subspecific taxa in P. speciosa pending extensive genetic and cytotypic investigation. We are exploring the genetic diversity and connectivity of 20 populations from across the range of this species, which is expected to have ploidy level variation between populations, based on its phylogenetic position in Phlox, its broad geographic range, and the huge amount of morphological and ecological variation the species encompasses. The project uses flow cytometry and microsatellite genotyping (with markers previous designed and implemented in other western North American Phlox species), and field sampling is guided by ecology and morphology of previously collected herbarium specimens. By combining these different sources of evidence, this research will inform important evolutionary questions about species limits and subspecific variation in the genus Phlox.

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1 - California State University, Fresno, Biology Department, 2555 E. San Ramon Ave., MS SB 73, Fresno, California, 93740, USA

Phlox speciosa
microsatellite genotyping

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