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Seed-free Plants at the Genomic Scale

Carrell, Alyssa [1], Kolton, Max [2], Kostka, Joel [2], Glass, Jennifer [2], Shaw, A Jonathan [3], Weston, David J [1].

Characterizing the Sphagnum-microbiome: From natural surveys to manipulation studies.

Peatland ecosystems are estimated to store one-third of terrestrial carbon as dead organic peat. Peatlands dominated by Sphagnum moss sequester more carbon in temperate and boreal ecosystems than any other plant. Additionally, Sphagnum are host to microbes that are primary drivers of peatland ecosystem functions such as nitrogen fixation and methane oxidation making the Sphagnum phytobiome an important component of global climate and functioning. Despite the important role this phytobiome may play in global processes, we know very little about its assembly, interaction and functioning. To begin characterizing the Sphagnum phytobiome, we are working with the DOE JGI to sequence multiple Sphagnum species and the genomes of 200 S. fallax individuals from a pedigree as well as microbial isolates. We have also profiled 16S rRNA genes of bacterial communities of experimentally warmed Sphagnum. Together with 16S rRNA gene surveys of Sphagnum phytobiome and constructed communities of isolated strains in gnotobiotic microcosm experiments we aim to elucidate 1) the genetic basis of Sphagnum-microbe association patterns 2) the function of the phytobiome components and 3) the consequences of environmental perturbations on the phytobiome.

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1 - Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Biosciences Division, 1 Bethel Valley Rd, Oak Ridge, TN, 37831, USA
2 - Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Biology and Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, 311 Ferst Drive, Atlanta, GA, 30332, USA
3 - 130 Science Drive, Box 90338, Durham, NC, 27708, USA

bacterial symbionts

Presentation Type: Colloquium Presentations
Session: C4, Seed Free Plants at the Genomic Scale
Location: Chatham Ballroom - C/Savannah International Trade and Convention Center
Date: Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016
Time: 2:45 PM
Number: C4006
Abstract ID:601
Candidate for Awards:None

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