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Scherer, Brendan [1].

Biogeography of the Macadamia Nut Family (Proteaceae).

The Proteaceae is an ancient family of Angiosperms. While the oldest fossils attributed to the group have been dated to approximately 93 MYA, molecular clock dating has estimated the crown age to be between 110 and 120 MYA. The family arose prior to the final splitting of the supercontinent of Gondwana, and has been used to investigate biogeographical questions of vicariance and dispersal. The family has been the focus of several molecular phylogenetic studies, and my study integrates the available data and uses the resulting phylogeny to address biogeographical questions. This study uses all the data found on Genbank for four plastid genes (matK, atpB,ndhF and rbcL) to infer a phylogeny for the family and investigate the timing of intercontinental disjunctions. Proteaceae is well represented on Genbank, of the 81 currently recognized genera, 69 have matK data, 64 have atpB data, 43 have ndhF data, and 77 have data for rbcL. The data was analyzed using a fossil calibrated Bayesian relaxed molecular clock method to generate a chronogram. Finally, morphological characters (e.g., fruit dehiscence) were mapped onto the tree to analyze adaptations for long distance dispersal.

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1 - Florida State University, Biological Sciences, 319 Stadium Dr, Tallahassee, Florida, 32304, United States

molecular systematics.

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