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Ortiz-Martí­nez, Alfredo [1], Gernandt, David S. [1].

Morphological, ecological, and molecular differentiation in Pinus patula.

Mountain formation is considered to be an important driver of vicariant speciation. We evaluated the hypothesis that the formation of the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt during the Quaternary promoted the divergence of the Mexican endemic Pinus patula into separate evolutionary lineages distributed naturally in the Sierra Madre Oriental and Sierra Madre del Sur. Two varieties are recognized, P. patula var. patula and P. patula var. longipedunculata, but their morphological limits and geographical distribution are poorly understood. We used multivariate statistics to analyze 14 leaf, ovulate cone, and seed characters in multiple individuals per representative population throughout their range. Using principal components analysis, we found that seven characters were needed to explain 95% of the variance. The variables with the greatest load for the first component were cone length (0.38), cone width (0.36), scale apophysis length (0.33), and peduncle width (-0.37). The characters with the greatest load for the second component were cone scale umbo width (0.61), apophysis width (0.38), and apophysis length (0.25). Using the statistical analyses as a guide, we reviewed herbarium specimens and identified a subset of localities that we considered as most likely being representative of the natural range of each variety. The geographic coordinates for each population were used to model the potential distribution of each variety and identify the most important climatic variables correlated with their distribution. The evidence for morphological, geographical, and climatic differentiation was compared to genetic evidence from low-copy nuclear gene sequences and plastomes.

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1 - Instituto de Biologí­a, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de, Departamento de Botánica, Apartado Postal 70-233, Coyoacán, Ciudad de Mexico, CM, 04510, Mexico

low-copy nuclear markers.

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Date: Monday, August 1st, 2016
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