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Symbioses: Plant, Animal, and Microbe Interactions

Caudle, Keri [1], Gillock, Eric [1].

Phylogenetic distribution of an endogenous strain of Dahlia mosaic virus in members of Asteraceae.

Dahlia Mosaic Virus (DMV) is a double-stranded DNA viral pathogen. A newly discovered strain of this virus called DMV-D10 was first observed in Dahlia variabilis. DMV-D10 does not induce visible symptoms of infection in the host plant, and is classified as an endogenous pararetrovirus. These viruses have the ability to integrate their viral sequences into the host plant genome, which can be transmitted vertically to offspring. Currently, no studies have examined the host range of DMV-D10. Because DMV-D10 has only been observed in Dahlia, the objective for this study was to determine if presence of DMV-D10 follows an evolutionary relationship among species closely related to Dahlia. It was hypothesized species in the same tribe (Coreopsideae) as Dahlia, such as Cosmos, were more likely to be infected with DMV-D10 compared to species within other tribes in the Asteraceae family. PCR results for a movement protein gene indicate DMV-D10 is more widely spread across Asteraceae than in Dahlia species. DMV-D10 was present in Callistephus chinensis (Astereae tribe), Centaurea cyanus (Cardueae tribe), and Dahlia variabilis (Coreopsideae tribe), but not in Tagetes erecta (Tageteae tribe) or Cosmos bipinnatus (Coreopsideae tribe). Therefore, phylogenetic relationship in host plants does not necessarily determine presence or absence of DMV-D10. This leads to questions of how this virus can move to other species in other tribes. Future work will further explore host range, and if there are physiological symptoms associated with DMV-D10 infection.

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1 - Fort Hays State University, Department of Biological Sciences, 600 Park St., Hays, KS, 67601, United States

plant virology
host range.

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