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Mansaray, Janet [1], Burke, Janelle M [2].

Secondary characteristics indicating sexual dimorphism in the plant, Rumex acetosella (Polygonaceae).

Sexual dimorphisms are the distinguishing characteristics in appearance between males and females beyond their reproductive organs due to inheritance through genetic material. With organisms like birds these distinguishing trait may be easy to spot, but for most flowering plants there are not many apparent differences between staminate and pistillate plants. Sexual dimorphism is rare in plants because most plants do not exhibit diocey or have sex chromosomes. One plant species that does contain sex chromosomes is Rumex acetosella, which is strictly dioecious. Therefore, the purpose of this project was to identify any secondary characteristics that would distinguish male from female indicating that sexual dimorphism exists in plants with sex chromosomes. Based on the herbarium collection at the National Museum of Natural History, seven secondary traits were chosen based on their practicality and were measured or surveyed accordingly. The traits include: cauline leaf size, root growth, flowers per node, date of flowering, height, inflorescence, and region. After running a student T-Test for each trait, a statistically significant difference was found for the inflorescence height of R. acetosella indicating that female (pistillate) plants had a longer inflorescence than male (staminate) plants. Though there were differences between male and females with the other traits, they were not statistically significant.

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1 - Howard , Biology, 415 College St. NW, Washington, DC, 20059, USA
2 - Howard University, 415 College St. NW, Dept. Of Biology, Washington, DC, 20059, USA

sex chromosomes
sexual systems.

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