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“Root beer plant” and its relatives: a molecular phylogeny of Piper sect. Pothomorphe.

The Pothomorphe clade of Piper (Piperaceae) contains ten species of shrubs and vines that are presumably native to the New World tropics. One of these species, P. umbellatum, has been introduced outside its native range, and has become successfully established in most wet tropical areas around the World. This species is rather weedy in its native range, and also in parts of the Old World where it occurs along roadsides, in cultivated fields, and other disturbed habitats. In other parts of the Old World, however, it behaves much like a native plant and can only be found in the forest understory along mountain streams. This pattern of weediness in a plant's native range, and a restricted habitat in its adopted range is the reverse of that expected, and begs the question of whether P. umbellatum is indeed New World in origin. A phylogenetic study of the Pothomorphe clade was undertaken to better understand the relationships among populations of P. umbellatum around the World. DNA was extracted from 60 accessions of Piper, and sequenced for nuclear ITS and chloroplast petA–psbJ. Resolution was poor, but clearly shows Old World accessions of P. umbellatum nested within a clade of New World accessions, indicating a New World origin of P. umbellatum. Additional data are clearly needed to examine this clade in further detail, and to better understand the relationships among populations of Pothomorphe around the world.

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