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Population Genetics

Anderson, Blake [1], Evans, Matthew [1], Stewart, J. Ryan [2].

Population genetics of Agave utahensis: SNP analysis of a keystone succulent species.

Agave utahensis (Utah agave) is an endemic species complex native to Arizona, Nevada, and Utah and plays a key ecological role in its native habitat. Utah agave contributes to soil formation and provides pollination services for bats, bees, birds, and hawkmoths. Like many desert plant species, it employs both asexual and sexual reproductive strategies, which likely influence its overall genetic structure. Moreover, its slow growth, monocarpy, and apparent dependence on clonal spread impairs its ability to remain genetically diverse. Rapid urbanization and the increase in frequency and intensity of fires in the southwestern U.S. also will likely lead to a decrease in genetic diversity. Recognizing differences in genetic structure in the putative Utah agave subspecies will serve as foundational information for formulating conservation strategies for the species. On average, 30 genotypes per population were sampled from 27 populations across the native range of Utah agave. DNA was isolated and subjected to PCR analysis using specially designed primers, which was followed by SNP detection and analysis. Twenty-six polymorphic loci were identified. We also determined variation among and between populations. The changes between certain populations can be hypothesized due to reproductive mechanism and ecological factors. The conclusions gathered allow for further discussion of conservation strategies to maintain diversity within these populations.

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population genetics

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