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Bolin, Jay F. [1], Mandujano, Viridiana [2], Noyola-Alonso, Karina [2], Elder, Morgan [3].

Identification of mycorrhizae associated with the aquatic plant Isoetes (Isoeteaceae).

Aquatic plants form a variety of associations with arbuscular mycorrhizae (AM) but those associations are understudied relative to terrestrial plants. The Lycophyte genus Isoetes represents an ancient lineage and may provide insight into the evolution of AM associations. Fossil data from Carboniferous era ancestors of lycophytes demonstrate that the co-evolution of lycophytes and AM dates to at least 300 million years before present. Only a handful of Isoetes spp. have been evaluated for the presence of AM and no studies have been conducted in the New World. We collected Isoetes melanopoda subsp. sylvatica and Isoetes engelmanii from the central piedmont of North Carolina to determine the presence of AM, and if present to identify the AM species. We used Glomus specific AML1 and AML2 PCR primers to amplify AM fungi from whole root DNA extracts. Preliminary sequence data from cloned PCR products indicate the presence of Glomus AM associates in 100% of root samples analyzed (n=6). Epiflourescence microscopy showed hallmarks of AM infection, including fungal vesicles and hyphae in all Isoetes root samples observed.

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1 - Catawba College, Botany Department, 209 CENV, 2300 W Innes St, Salisbury, NC, 28144, USA
2 - Catawba College, Department of Biology, 2300 W Innes St, Salisbury, North Carolina, 28144, United States
3 - Catawba College, 2300 W Innes St, Salisbury, North Carolina, 28144, United States

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Date: Monday, August 1st, 2016
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