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Mortimer, Sebastian [1], Kephart, Susan [1], Culley, Theresa [2], Tunison, Robert [3].

Genetic Structure and Trait Differentiation of Camassia Species in the Snake River Watershed of Northeastern Oregon and adjacent Western Idaho Camassia.

The genus Camassia, endemic to North America, consists of perennial geophytic herbs that occur primarily west of the Rocky Mountains. Totaling six species and ten subspecies, the diversity of Camassia has been problematic for systematists as many taxa are morphologically, ecologically, and genetically similar, creating an excellent opportunity to explore multiple, integrative techniques for species differentiation. Recent studies have resolved major clades within Camassia, but contentious populations remain within the Snake River drainage and adjoining areas east of the Cascade Range. Populations of C. cusickii, C. quamash subsp. utahensis, and C. quamash subsp. breviflora, whose placement within cpDNA and nrDNA phylogenies is inconsistent, have also been independently identified as different taxa within Camassia by their morphological characters. We used 16 microsatellite markers sampled from over 10 populations to determine the genetic structure of this taxonomically troublesome subset of the genus Camassia. These data complement a morphological analysis to ensure a robust and biologically relevant species delimitation of taxa in the Snake River drainage of northeastern Oregon and western Idaho. The diverse array of broad ranging and endemic species in Camassia and their potentially recent diversification provide opportunities for examining speciation events within the genus.

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1 - Willamette University, Biology, 900 State St., Salem, OR, 97301, USA
2 - University Of Cincinnati, Department Of Biological Sciences, 614 Rieveschl Hall, Cincinnati, OH, 45221-0006, USA
3 - University of Cincinnati, Biological Sciences, 614 Rieveschl Hall, Cincinnati, OH, 45221-0006, USA

genetic structure
integrative taxonomy
species delimitation.

Presentation Type: Oral Paper
Session: 20, Basal Dicots/Monocots part A (Asparagales)
Location: 200/Savannah International Trade and Convention Center
Date: Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016
Time: 11:30 AM
Number: 20014
Abstract ID:913
Candidate for Awards:None

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