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Horn, James W. [1], Wurdack, Kenneth J. [2], Dorr, Laurence J. [3].

Phylogeny and diversification of Malvales.

Despite important, recent advances in understanding angiosperm phylogeny, many basic gaps exist in current understanding of relationships within Malvales. This rosid order includes ~6000 species, which are very unequally distributed among 10 clades recognized as families, and it has a relatively rich fossil record. To estimate a dated phylogeny for the order, we sampled three molecular markers for generic exemplars of all subfamilial lineages and, further, obtained nearly complete generic sampling outside of Malvaceae and Thymelaeaceae subfamily Thymelaeoideae. Neuradaceae are well supported as sister to all other Malvales, and all families that have seeds with a histologically complex chalaza resolve as a supported clade (‘bixoid chalaza’: Sphaerosepalaceae, Bixaceae, Cistaceae, [some] Sarcolaenaceae; lost from lineages with indehiscent fruits, e.g. Dipterocarpaceae subfamily Dipterocarpoideae). The Guiana Shield endemic Pakaraimaea dipterocarpacea is strongly supported as sister to Cistaceae, contrasting with its traditional classification in Dipterocarpaceae. Additionally, we will discuss the results of our divergence dating and diversification analyses.

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1 - University of Wisconsin - Green Bay, Cofrin Center from Biodiversity and Dept. of Natural & Applied Sciences, 2420 Nicolet Dr., Green Bay, WI, 54311, USA
2 - Smithsonian Institution, Botany, MRC-166 National Museum Of Natural History, National Museum Of Natural History, MRC 166, PO Box 37012, Washington, DC, 20013-7012, USA
3 - Smithsonian Institution, Department of Botany, MRC-166/Botany, PO Box 37012, Washington, DC, 20013-7012, USA

divergence time estimation
molecular systematics

Presentation Type: Oral Paper
Session: 12, Rosids II/Basal Asterids & Asterids I part A
Location: 102/Savannah International Trade and Convention Center
Date: Monday, August 1st, 2016
Time: 3:00 PM
Number: 12007
Abstract ID:919
Candidate for Awards:None

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