Symposia & Colloquia

Botany 2016 Symposia, Colloquia and Special Lecture Schedule

(Schedule subject to change)

Sunday, July 31 – 7:30 pm

Plenary Lecture – Dr. Carl Zimmer


Monday, August 1


The Importance of Communicating Science.

Organized by:  Andrea Wolfe, Ohio State University
Sponsored by:  BSA Economic Botany and Systematics Sections and ASPT 

The Odum Legacy: Plant Systems Across Scales

Organized by:  Lindsey K Tuominen, Metropolitan State University
Sponsored by:  BSA Genetics, Southeastern and Physiological Sections

Annals of Botany Special Lecture - Mutualistic networks in the Galápagos Islands and how alien species modify their structure

Presented by Dr. Anna Traveset



The Future of Herbarium Genetics and Genomics

Organized by:  Michael D. Martin, Dept of Integrative Biology, University of California, Berkeley, Kenneth Wurdack, Ph.D. Department of Botany National Museum of Natural History Smithsonian Institution
Sponsored by:  BSA Genetics and Systematics Sections and ASPT

Horsetails Through Form, Space, and Time

Organized by:  Gar Rothwell, Ohio University & Oregon State University; Dennis Stevenson, New York Botanical Garden
Sponsored by:  BSA Paleobotanical and Systematics Sections

Interactions of White-Tailed Deer and Invasive Plants in Forests of Eastern North America

Organized by:  David Gorchov, Miami University
Sponsored by:  BSA Ecological Section


Tuesday, August 2


Plant Research and Conservation on the Andes

Organized by:  Claudia Segovia-Salcedo, Universidad de las Fuerzas Armadas-ESPE. Ecuador; Lauren Gonzalez, University of Florida, Simon Uribe-Convers, University of Missouri - St. Louis
Sponsored by: BSA Genetics and Systematics Sections, ASPT and IAPT

Evolution, Development, and Genetics of Floral Display - Form, Size, and Arrangement

Organized by:  Jenny Xiang, North Carolina State University; Wenheng Zhang, Virginia Commonwealth University
Sponsored by:  BSA Genetics, Systematics, Developmental and Structural Sections and ASPT and the Journal of Systematics and Evolution

Regional Botany Special Lecture  - Ancient Mountains to Recent Shorelines: Adventures in the Flora of Georgia
Presented by:  Wendy Zomlefer and Linda Chafin

Enhancing Scientist Diversity in Plant Biology Luncheon (Luncheon  - a ticketed event)
Presentation by - Juan Zalapa



Understanding Plant Defense Strategies: Interplay Between Traditional Botanical Tools and Modern Analytical Approaches

Organized by:  Rupesh Kariyat, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH Zurich
Sponsored by:  BSA Genetics and Ecological Sections

Studying Plant Pollinator Interactions in Changing Environments: Approaches, Lessons and Future Directions

Organized by:  Diane L. Byers, Illinois State University, Shu-Mei Chang, University of Georgia
Sponsored by:  BSA Ecological Section

Patterns and Processes of American Amphitropical Plant Disjunctions: New Insights

Organized by:  Michael Simpson, San Diego State University,  C. Matt Guilliams, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, Justen Whittall, Santa Clara University
Sponsored by:  BSA Systematics Section and ASPT

Kaplan Memorial Lecture - Heteroblasty and Heterophylly – when two programs collide - Neelima Sinha

ASPT Incoming President Lecture  (Banquet - a ticketed event)
Presention by Jeffrey Doyle


Wednesday, August 3


Wood: Biology of a Living Tissue

Organized by:  Jochen Schenk, California State University Fullerton
Sponsored by:  BSA Developmental and Structural and Physiological Sections

Climate Change  Solutions from Plant Science: The Interaction at the Interface between  Terrestrial Ecosystems  and  Coastal Ecosystems for Carbon Storage.

Organized by:  Anitra Thorhaug, Yale University
Sponsored by:  BSA Physiological and Paleobotanical Sections 

Clarifying Early Euasterid Evolution: A Synthesis of Phylogeny, Morphology, and the Fossil Record

Organized by:  Gregory Stull, University of Florida, Melanie Schori, Ohio University
Sponsored by:  BSA Paleobotanical Section

Botanical Society of America's Emerging Leader Special Lecture

Presentation by Selena Smith



Novel Approaches to Plant Evolution from Paleontological, Physiological, and Developmental Perspectives

Organized by:  Jonathan Wilson, Haverford College; Cindy V. Looy, UC-Berkeley, Ivo Duijnstee, UC-Berkeley
Sponsored by:  BSA Paleobotanical Section 

Seed-free Plants at the Genomic Scale

Organized by:  Matthew G. Johnson, Chicago Botanic Garden, Erin M. Sigel, Smithsonian Institution
Sponsored by:  ABLS and AFS

BSA Incoming President Presentation - Convergent Evolution of National Science Education Projects:  How BSA Can Influence Reform

Presention by – Gordon Uno